Rejection and How to Overcome the Fear of It

By far and large, the greatest hurdles that has been in the way of many when it comes to the pursuit of success in adult life is the fear of rejection.  Often when this gets to the extremes, this ends up in a way blinding one on the many other considerations they need to have in their pursuit of success and get preoccupied with not making a mistake of any kind in their endeavors and ever seeking the approval of others in order to feel secure in any set up.  Thoughts of those caught in the trap of fear of rejection is ever dominated by the words of “I can’t”.

The fear of rejection often interferes with one’s performance and inhibits a lot there ability to express themselves.  The genesis of the fear of rejection may be, to some, a result of how they were brought up by their parents, love being in a way or so conditional.  Oftentimes this stems from such experiences as where a child is shown love and approval by their parents when they do something that is pleasing to the parents and when they do something that is not as pleasing, then this is withheld and in most cases, this is interpreted as rejection.  When such a person gets to adulthood, those who were raised with conditional love, get so much preoccupied with the approval from others and their opinions get to determine their decisions and actions, living under some kind of fear of rejection always.

The result of these, as it happens to be for many men is often seen in development of the Type A behavior which is characterized by lots of hostility, obsession with performance to some rather undetermined high standard and suspicion. Check robert j o neill to learn more.

Generally speaking, a good number of Americans out there trying to live their American dream tend to be living under this kind of spell, the fear of failure and rejection.  Read on and see some of the things that can help you live your life to the fullest and achieve your dreams as a person. Check chris kyle kids for more info.

By and large, the cure to most if not all of these fears is in the development of courage, character and self esteem.  Think of talking to a life coach and find as many resources as can be to help you address these fears there may be that are inhibiting your abilities and performance.  By the way, there are lots of techniques that have been applied by many and have proved to be so effective in helping one achieve their best in life and with the help of the professional life coaches, you will be guided in identifying some of these that would work best for you. Visit for other references.

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